Elektron want to make producing music fun. A company founded and run by synth enthusiasts. Their passion for creativity, aesthetics and music-making is present within each one of their products. Check out their new Elektron Model:Samples Six Track Sample Player. Tweak with the loaded with samples, or transfer your own. Plug in, tweak, create, and play. View all information

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About Elektron Modules

Elektron have impressed musicians across genres with their flexibility and power. Famous users include:

The Knife
Stephen Morris of New Order

Elektron instruments are useful as both performance and studio tools.

The Machinedrum is their flagship drum machine synthesizer. Not only is it useful for percussion, but the Machiendrum's power allows for melodic components to be created too.

The Monomachine – a 6 track, step-sequencer synthesizer - is its perfect partner, giving access to a whole host of digital, virtual analog, vintage and modern sounds, attached to the same powerful sequencer as the Machinedrum.

The Octatrack sampler is the perfect addition to the already powerful range, allowing for the audio output of both machines to be fed into it and resampled endlessly.

Elektron News

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